Using Journal Bingo to Overcome Writer’s Block

Even with my best intentions to streamline my routines and keep myself healthy, I can still end up with writer’s block. If you’re on a deadline and in need of some serious inspiration, try this quick little game of Journal Bingo.

Bingo has been around for hundreds of years, and it’s one of the most customizable games available that can fit any occasion. Instead of using numbers, it’s easy to fill in the squares with instructions. That’s exactly what Journal Bingo is all about: doing what’s instructed on the spaces instead of daubing numbers. If you need an idea to push you out of your slump, this game can help to ignite thoughts regarding certain topics offering alternative methods.

To play the game, all you need to do is print out a blank Bingo card. You can find a blank pattern on Print Bingo. If you don’t want to start from scratch, you can always use a pre-constructed journal bingo card like the one from The Stanwich School below:

Using Journal Bingo to Overcome Writer's Block

The game goes like this: as what’s written on the pre-constructed journal bingo card, complete the activities thoughtfully, creatively, and thoroughly. You can decide a pattern for the game, whether it’s diagonal, X, or horizontal. After finishing a pattern, hopefully you’ve kick started your brain into thinking creatively to counter your writer’s block. Give yourself enough space and time to think through the sqaures you choose, and only put down items that sound interesting to you. This pre-constructed Journal Bingo card has some thought-provoking prompts if you’re not up to making your own, like “Describe and illustrate a bad dream that any invertebrate might have,” or “Think of a school rule you don’t like and write a persuasive argument about it,” and “Scientists have made a clone of you. How would you put it to use?” (Oh, the things I would do.)

Playing Bingo in order to achieve a goal isn’t exactly new. It’s played in schools for fundraising activities, and has even been used to attract more customers by food companies. Bingo is so popular that some online gaming providers even shell out big top-up deposit bonuses as a thank you to patrons who regularly play their games. I figure, if everyone else is using it, there has to be a way that writers and other creatives can use it to track their goals, too. 

So, what are your thoughts on Journal Bingo? Share your thoughts about the game, or ideas that you may have for filling up those blank spaces on your Journal Bingo cards!

Journal Bingo