Hi! I’m Andrea.

Andrea Hannah

I’m a writer, speaker, and mapmaker for creative people. 

I’m the author of the critically-acclaimed psychological thriller, Of Scars and StardustI’ve won a few awards for short stories, and my work has appeared everywhere from Motherwell Magazine to Lending Tree, which seems to counteract everyone’s advice for creatives: stick to your brand.

But my brand has always been about deeper connections and distilling the truth into tangible pieces: Oceans into droplets. Gardens into petals. Revolutions into radical acts of self-love.

I regularly take on projects with a vision, and have consulted and written for businesses, personal brands, and everything in between. Here’s a sample of a choose-your-own-adventure style quiz and guidebook I created.

If you’ve got a project—website, book, art, literally anything—that needs a fresh perspective, an innovative approach, or a concrete plan to help get you unstuck, let’s make a map together. Contact me here.

I’m a wild heart with a knack for strategy.

A stargazer with an action plan.

An adventuress who values connection over aimless wandering.

A literal unicorn.

Baby Unicorn Andrea

Now more than ever, it’s essential that creatives work up their nerve and work through their blocks to get their work out into the world. We have to keep our hearts soft so we can still hear raindrops and revolutions while figuring out which map works for us.

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