Build-A-Story: Easy Peasy Outlining


 Maybe you’re new to the writing scene. You have this idea that’s been marinating in your head for what seems like forever, and you have the itch to finally get rolling. The thing is: where to start?

Maybe you’ve been writing for awhile, but you haven’t quite found your sweet spot just yet. Plotter or pantser? Epic outline, or just the beats? Go with the flow or stick with the plan?

Newbie or pro, all stories start with a character that you care about. Once you’ve dreamed up her quirks and weaknesses and ticks, it’s time to get started, whether that means outlining your heart out or diving straight in.

Got your character? Awesome. Go ahead and download this free Build-A-Story fun sheet to help you get started. You can use it as a guide, or print + scribble right on it.

Here you’ll find the keystones of every story—the really, really big stuff that happens to the character you love, in the order you’ll find it in most books. Since all plot is a function of characterfiguring out the biggies, like what your character wants, needs, and has to accomplish will help you figure out where to go next in your story. Most importantly: have fun!