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How to manage creative burnout
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How to manage creative burnout

Magic For Creative Burnout Guidebook

Download your digital copy of this guidebook, which includes an overview of creative burnout, simple action steps, and information on using astrology and tarot to start creating again.

How to manage creative burnout

Step-By-Step Process To Create Anything

Make anything from a book to a business and beyond by learning and implementing the steps of the greenhouse model. 

How to manage creative burnout

Bonus Resources

Throughout the week-long email course, you'll find links to a variety of extra resources, including this monthly lunar cycle guide that you can use to sync your creative and goal-setting processes to the moon.


Even if everything is flowing just fine in your creative process at the moment, you can add these methods + techniques to your toolbox for when you need them.


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How to manage creative burnout


"Andrea blew me away with both her in-depth knowledge and the personal, relatable way she conveyed it."

How to manage creative burnout


"Andrea's work is unique, life changing and just plain fun too! Her teachings and guidebooks are practical versus something that sounds good in a theory but is hard to put into practice." 

How to manage creative burnout


"With Andee's work, I have been able to begin healing creative wounds and find new joy in writing."

How to manage creative burnout

Andrea Hannah is the creativity coach for a new wave of makers who want to thrive in their projects and change the world. She helps creatives like you release old stories, trust their intuition, and make art with a little bit of magic.

She is a critically-acclaimed author and ISAR-certified astrologer. Her books, courses, and retreats have helped thousands of people succeed in their industries. She teaches yoga when she feels like it and believes in the power of naps, glitter, and a good Americano.

How to manage creative burnout with Andrea Hannah
How to manage creative burnout in the media

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