Creativity + Empowerment + Giving Back


Not long ago, I got the opportunity to write a letter to my teenage self. As I poured over old photos of my high school self, I cringed. That girl looked so…unsure. Anxious. Small. Like she was trying to make herself disappear.

If I really could go back in time and talk to Teen Andrea, I would tell her just one thing: You are enough

I still repeat those three words to myself daily, even as an adult. You are enough. Your writing is enough. Your heart is enough. Your life is enough.

Reminding ourselves that we are enough is important, but it’s not so hard for me to do on this side of the world. Even on a crappy day, I still have the house I bought and the diplomas I’ve earned to fall back on.

It’s essential that we start telling girls and women from all over the world that we believe in them. That we trust them to run their own businesses, learn new skills, write their stories, and honor their dreams. When we empower women, we change the world.

That’s why I’ve partnered with Women’s Global Empowerment Fund in order bring business opportunities, health + literacy programs to developing nations. A portion of each purchased Creative Revolution course goes straight to WGEF.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart to yours.

We are all enough.