My Philosophy


My work is at the intersection between inner work, creative output, and the escalating climate crisis.

There’s a saying that when in the wild, the antidote is never more than five feet away from the poison.

It’s undeniable that human behavior has damaged the planet we live on. But in order to reverse the pain we’ve caused our environment and thrive in the future, we have to change the behaviors and beliefs that caused this to happen in the first place. We need to make a shift from destructive and divisive to constructive and inclusive.

We have to find the antidote within us to change the environment outside of us.

So, we work. We face old traumas and pull the stitches out of old wounds that we let sit for too long. We mother ourselves so we can mother the Earth. We learn to create from a place of possibility and power instead of using it as a balm for old wounds.

Creatives are visionaries. We can literally imagine a new world into being—but only when we’ve faced our blocks, the things that cause us to react from old traumas instead of with deep-rooted ferocity and philosophy.

This is why we’re here. To heal. To connect. To rewild. To rise on a personal level, so we can lead with our vision globally.

We’ve got work to do, loves. And quickly. The storms are already here. Join the Collective.