“An unsettling read for fans of stories that leave the reader wondering…” – VOYA

“Intense and incredibly written” – SLJ Teen Reviews

“Andrea Hannah’s writing [is] beautiful! I was covered in goosebumps while reading the end.” – Reading is my Treasure

“Of Scars and Stardust had be going crazy thinking I was right…only to be proven wrong.” – Once Upon a Twilight Reviews

“An intriguing puzzle of a book.” – Kirkus Reviews

“So beautifully written, it made me want to cry.” – Lipsy, Reviewer

“Among her strengths are the thoughtful ways she approaches the instructional components of her work. She is skillful at recognizing the big picture of where students need to be and how to plan for the steps to get them there.” – James Barton, Writing Teacher

“She honors the written and spoken word of her students and works hard to guide her students to recognize their own strengths (and weaknesses!). Invaluable. – Rachel Sardoni, Participant

“Andrea has demonstrated not only incredible skill and adaptability in her own writing – from memoirs, essays, instructional writing and fiction – but a profound talent and enthusiasm for guiding others in their own craft.” – Meghan Bellevue, Participant