Retreats For Wild Hearts

a retreat for wild hearts

Hey, hard-working creative. Want more time to make art and write books without all that pressure and stress?

Yep, for real. it’s totally possible to feel really good, take care of yourself, and have fun while you’re making radical, life-changing art. Even when you’re on a deadline. Especially when you’re on a deadline.

Let’s be honest, some of this probably sounds familiar to you:

    • You’ve combed through just about every blog/article/book on time-management to try to eek out a few extra minutes here and there to make the stuff you really want to make.
    • You’ve spent way too much time on social media analyzing what your writer/artist friends are up to and how in the hell they have time to write a book a year, go to yoga, and volunteer every week.
    • You’ve spent some significant dollars on apps, programs, or fancy planners trying to micromanage every second of your life so you can finally finish this passion project.
    • You’re tired. You’re like, really really tired. Of the rat race. Of struggling to make it happen. Of comparison and feeling like you can never just be happy with what you’ve made or accomplished. Of wondering why this is so hard when you feel like it’s something you were meant to do.

I hear you. I see you. I get you.

Because I was (and still am!) you.

While now I’m a workshop leader and writer for several multi-million dollar businesses, and I get to lead super fulfilling retreats like this one all over the U.S., I have so been there.

I’ve stumbled through my own creative process. I was second-guessing every single word I wrote, telling myself that I sucked on the daily. I deleted two entire manuscripts (yes, two. *sobs*) on the fly because I was sure everyone would hate them. I hated my work. And to top it all off, I had two small kids to care for while I taught full-time and finished my graduate degree, on top of trying to do this writing thing that I was supposed to bring some joy. It only added to the pressure.

And then I had a straight-up breakdown. My novels weren’t selling. My clients were dropping like flies, and I could barely pull myself out of bed. It all became so much work. There was no joy in creating, even though somewhere deep down I was pretty sure I still had more art inside me to make. I was caught in this place where I couldn’t make myself quit, but the act of creating had become so incredibly toxic.

I got real with myself, even though it was hard to look at all that pain in the face. I examined all those beliefs—both personal and societal—that had gotten me to this place. I burnt everything down so I could build my process—and myself—up from scratch. I developed a step-by-step, concrete mapping system to take me from where I was to where I wanted to go, without sacrificing the stuff that makes life, well, life.

If you’re tired of all that noise that keeps getting in the way of doing the work you know you were meant to do, this retreat was made for you, wild heart.


Here’s what’ll go down during our 4 days together:

    • You’ll stay in a stunning, open-air lake house with plenty of space so that you can relax in peace and privacy while you get to work.
    • All food and beverages provided so that you can enjoy yourself and dig into your creative practice without interruption.
    • Tons of scenic hiking, trails, sand dunes, star-gazing, and lakes to recharge near when you’re ready for a break (because, remember, you’re there to feel good).
    • Time. Time. And more time.
    • Nightly, targeted creativity workshops that focus on your specific process and teach you how to map and streamline your own creativity so that you can feel good and make better art.
    • Exclusive guides activities tailored to your individual needs and goals, including a personal astrological chart reading to help you redefine your creative strengths.
    • Access to a variety of art supplies to get your creativity flowing between work sessions.
    • Access to small group, personalized yoga sessions (mat included in your stay) to release tension in the body so you can get to work.
    • A solid community of fellow creatives so that you can keep going as your process transforms.
    • Gifts! Including a notebook, pretty writing utensils (because how can you be productive without colorful pens?), and a couple of fun surprises aimed at helping you develop your creative confidence.

Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how productive you were or how many words you wrote if you didn’t enjoy your life while you did it. And here’s a secret: creatives who know themselves and build their process around that tend to be happier and more productive anyway.

Where the magic happens.

For $550, you can sign up for a Retreat for Wild Hearts 2020 in Cedar, Michigan.

Retreat #1 will be held May 13th – 17th. 

Retreat #2 will be held August 12th – 16th. 

That’s a little over a hundred bucks per day for room and board, food, tailored creativity coaching, a supportive community, and time. Time to get clear, figure it all out, and hop back into your life ready to rock those deadlines with a fresh sense of purpose. You’ll feel better, eat better, sleep better, and make better art by doing the work.

Giving yourself this gift of clarity is only going to make you unstoppable, love. I really want to help you get there.

So let’s do this together, okay?

Space is super limited to maximize the workshops, so be sure to hop in ASAP. Here’s how you do it:

    1. Fill out this Google Form with your information.
    2. Send me an email here to let me know you’ve submitted your application. I’ll send you a confirmation.
    3. Your $100 deposit will be due upon acceptance of your application.
    4. Flag your confirmation email to save it for later! You’ll receive more details on the best way to travel and arrival/departure times, other details as the retreat gets closer.

Travel Details: 

  • The house is located 20 minutes from Cherry Capitol Airport (TVC) in Traverse City, MI. There’s Uber to get you to the house, car pooling, or I can pick you up.
  • You can also fly into Detroit (DTW) and take the 4 hour drive north with me and a few others if space is available.
  • If you decide to drive, enjoy! The drive is lovely and will be safe in early May.

Questions? Email me here.

Can’t wait to get to know you and your wild, wild heart.