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It’s pretty simple: You want major web traffic and an uptick in sales. And while you’ve been writing your own content and/or copy for awhile, you still haven’t gotten the visibility you’ve been after.

Raise your hand if any of these sound like you: 

  • You’ve poured over blogs and books on how to poke your readers with urgency and fear.
  • You’ve perseverated over every single word in your copy (“Should I put “a” or “the” in there?)
  • Despite all your effort, you haven’t seen the results you want.

The truth: Most content and copywriting guides aren’t relevant to today’s market. 

Readers are burnt out, stressed to the max, and resistant to calls for urgency when they’re up against bigger issues personally and globally. Your communication with them should reflect this shift.

Instead of fear-based sales copy, your writing should:

  • Create a sacred space for your readers to relax into your offerings.
  • Be provocative and challenge readers to think outside the box.
  • Offer innovative, easily-digestible solutions with love and support.

Andrea Hannah Copywriting

I’m an experienced content and copywriting who specializes in SEO-friendly writings with a whole lot of heart. I believe in creating a sacred reading experience while offering key information and an inspired call-to-action so readers can feel good as they read. This creates a positive bond between you and your consumers that will last for the long haul.

I’ve written content for everyone from small business owners to major celebrity astrologers. My copywriting has appeared everywhere from LendingTree to Bustle.

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[Update: I am mostly booked at this time. I’m only willing to take on a project that aligns with my interests, so please contact me if you think that’s you.]