Welcome to the circle.

Fairy rings, witches’ circles, tree stumps, celestial bodies. In ancient practices, circles represent oneness and unity. When the wild is unbearable, we’ll create our own greenhouse—a sacred space—to unite and protect each other in similar, but wholly individual, missions. This 10-week circle is an incubation space for you to dream your biggest dreams and finally go for it with that creative project you’ve been dreaming of, all while taking online classes and accessing the support and resources you need to make it happen.  Consider Unearthed a gym membership for your creativity. Only in this membership, we’re building your discernment muscles. Plus, there’s magic.


Here's what you need to know

When I started Unearthed in 2020, I'd been craving a safe, sacred space to connect with like-minded creatives while working on projects that were important to me. We're entering our fifth season of the circle now, and I can say with confidence that Unearthed has truly been life-changing for me (and hopefully for you, too). 

As we move forward with our fifth season, there are two big changes on the horizon. First, I'll be kicking off the Creative Collective Fund. A portion of the revenue from Unearthed will automatically go into a separate fund to help anyone in our community as needed, no questions asked. If at the end of the Unearthed season there are still funds in the account, we will decide as a group where to donate it. The point of growing and learning is so we can collectively show up for others, and this fund is the start. 

Second, there will only be one season of Unearthed this autumn/winter, with the exception of a 3.0 group. With multiple book releases on the horizon for 2023, I chose quality over quantity. You deserve my fullest attention, and I'm ready to give it to you as the leaves drop from the trees. 

This is the only opportunity to take Unearthed until next autumn. Please consider joining our circle, and as always, if you need help figuring out how to do so, I'm here. 

All my love

Unearthed stats (and counting)

  • Hundreds of members across North America, Europe, and Australia.
  • 100+ classes taught and taken.
  • 25+ publishing deals and counting across members after finishing the program.
  • Too many partial and full requests, and agent signings, to count. 
  • A thriving community full of helpful, kind creatives.

Let's get you signed up.

Here's the investment: the entire season of Unearthed costs $210 total. That's ten weeks worth of classes and content, and once you're a part of the community server, you get to stay in it forever (no, we don't kick you out if you decide not to come back to the program!).

For this season, we're adopting a monthly installment plan for everyone.There will be three monthly installments of $70, starting with the first installment due upon enrollment. When you're ready, click on the appropriate Unearthed class to sign up. Reminder: the class officially kicks off in October. You'll receive more details in your inbox at the beginning of October.


The enrollment period for Unearthed: Autumn 2023 will start in August, 2023.

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Unearthed Class Options

Thank you, wild heart

I know that it never seems like the right time to do this kind of thing. We’re still recovering from a pandemic and a worldwide economic fallout, and dealing with a climate crisis that’s here, now. We’re all exhausted and worn down and creating beautiful things seems like the least important thing right now. But it’s exactly why we need this circle.

We’re heading into an entire new era where each and every one of us will have to reckon with who we are the kind of art we want to put into the world. We’re at the ground level of reconstruction. So let’s do it in an aligned, supported, healthy way.

The world needs us.

It needs radical, gentle, fierce things so we can remember our humanity.

We need things that remind us that we belong to each other. We need things to remind each other that all of this heartbreak is worth it. We need to come home unto ourselves, finally, so that our planet can be the home it was always meant to be—for all of us.