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When the wild is unbearable, we find sanctuary in¬†the greenhouse‚ÄĒa magical space‚ÄĒto¬†protect our process and grow. We each produce our own blooms, pursuing our individual goals, while participating in our community ecosystem.¬†This¬†incubator¬†allows you to claim your biggest dreams and finally go after your goals with gusto, all while taking online classes, receiving support, and learning the tools and strategies to thrive as a creative in an overwhelming world.


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In astrology, there's an aspect called an opposition, where two celestial bodies are positioned directly across from each other on the zodiac wheel, each representing one side of a polarity. I always say that the medicine is in the middle, and that's where my work falls, too.

In Unearthed, you'll find classes on the nitty-gritty aspects of craft and publishing, as well as studies in tarot and creating in sync with planetary cycles. Concepts covered in Unearthed include: Data and intuition. Outlining and flowing. Magic and money management. Habits and blocks. Craft and cosmic energy. Rituals and releasing negativity.

The medicine is in the middle. 








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Here's the investment: the entire Unearthed program costs $600 and covers one full year of content, classes, and support.

The active period of Unearthed, March through August, is $480 total. The maintenance period, September through February, is $120 total.

No matter which payment plan you choose, your spot in Unearthed 2024 is secured with the first or full payment of one of the options below. As soon as you pay your deposit, you'll be granted access to The Threshold class portal to begin your study, as well as exclusive monthly Zoom classes.

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