The last couple of years have ushered in a wave of intense, tumultuous energy that’s required us to rethink the way we do…pretty much everything.

From reconsidering how we move through the world on a daily basis to the way we approach our biggest dreams, we’ve all been raking through the rubble, trying to put the pieces of our lives back together.

But what if the pieces no longer fit?

We’re in tough times, wild heart, and the old ways of creating and being no longer work. To create the art we’re born to make and truly thrive instead of only survive, we need to lean into the ancient wisdom we’ve long ignored. Nature, the stars, cosmic transits, our ancestors, long-forgotten oracles, and more are here to help us re-earn the language of, well, ourselves.

Say hello to Unearthed: A Sacred Circle

You know how you plunk down tons of cash for monthly digital workout memberships or (in the Before) actual studio memberships? Consider Unearthed a gym membership for your creativity. Only in this membership, we’re building your discernment muscles. Plus, there’s magic.

What's the circle all about?

Fairy rings, witches’ circles, tree stumps, celestial bodies. In ancient practices, circles represent oneness and unity. When the wild is unbearable, we’ll create our own greenhouse—a sacred space—to unite and protect each other in similar, but wholly individual, missions. The circle is an incubation space for you to dream your biggest dreams and finally go for it with that creative project you’ve been dreaming of, all while taking online classes and accessing the support and resources you need to make it happen. 

What goes on in a circle?

We’ll address all four pillars of the Wild Heart brand in the circle.

Connection We’ll explore ancient Earth wisdom to find the tools, strategies, and language that works best for you. Some topics up for analysis are: your personal cosmology, current astrological transits, yoga (both physical practice and ethical pillars), Aryuvedic medicine, oracle readings, seasonal alignment, rituals, and more.

Community In nature, nothing survives without support from the ecosystem. We’ll (digitally) meet up on the regular for classes, workshops, discussions, oracle readings, and more. We’ll hold each other accountable and push each other when we want to give up. When one of us thrives, we all do.

Creativity The reason why we’re here! Whether you’re a writer, visual artist, musician, or you’re looking for a new creative outlet altogether, we have space for you here. We’ll practice a variety of productivity-boosting methods (including, ahem, accountability), workshopping, and goal tracking to reach your goal and get your project off the ground (or finally done) by the time we roll into winter.

Wellness We’ll explore the link between creativity and health—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. I’ll gently teach you some yoga, if that’s your thing, including different postures to ignite your creativity when you’re stuck.

The transitional season of winter into spring aligns with the energy of a waxing moon and the intuitive qualities of the water element. We’ll leverage that energy to help you “go with the flow,” so to speak, to create with less friction. 

You know how you plunk down tons of cash for monthly digital workout memberships or (in the Before) actual studio memberships? Consider Unearthed a 3-month membership for your creativity.

What's the structure look like?

Let’s lay it out in weeks, shall we?

The circle starts January 30th, 2022 and goes until April 24th, 2022. That’s 12 weeks.

You know how stressy and crappy Sunday nights tend to be? That anxiety before you head into the weekday grind? Well, we’re changing that. Every Sunday, you’ll receive an email with the overview of cosmic energy for the week, the worksheets and class recording that you can complete at the time that works best for you, and a little love note to help you set your micro-goals.

Throughout the week, we’ll keep up with each other with our private Discord chat, Zoom writing/creativity sprints (if it makes sense for you that week—everything is flexible and figureoutable) and through mini tips and strategies posted daily.

If you’re ready to take a deep dive into your work (more on that below), you’re welcome to attend a weekly workshop intensive with me and a small group. We’ll start by reviewing the class content, and then discuss everything from reading natal charts, learning how to sync up with the seasons and nature, yoga, meditation, creativity and productivity strategies, and more. We’ll also relate all of the mystical and magical back to our own books, projects, and processes so you can unearth which tools work best for you and your art.

Workshop Times/Dates for Winter 2022: 

Unearthed 1:0: Wednesdays at 8 PM ET

Unearthed 2.0: Tuesdays at 8 PM ET

Unearthed Europe: Tuesdays at 2 PM ET

Unearthed 3.0 (by invitation only): Wednesdays at 7 PM ET

What will we learn?

If this is your first time in Unearthed (Unearthed 1.0), you’ll learn about:

  • the creativity cycle
  • the elements
  • astro charts: outer planets
  • astro charts: inner planets
  • ancestor magic
  • new beginnings + act 1
  • creating characters with cards + stars
  • shaping the saggy middle + act II
  • endings + act III
  • planning by stars, cards, and nature

If this is your second time in Unearthed (Unearthed 2.0), you’ll learn about:

  • accessing your familiar (animal guide) to help you get unstuck
  • plant medicine and the draft
  • poison plant medicine and healing
  • making a map of your process
  • healthy social media boundaries
  • money energetics
  • chakra balancing + color therapy
  • revision magic
  • the manifestation process
  • planning by stars, cards, and nature 2.0

*If you’re in our third session, details are coming to you through email.

The circle is for you if...

● You have a specific creative project in mind that you want to bring to fruition in the next three months (a book, a business, a gallery opening, an album, etc.)

● You are ready and willing to explore new ways of thinking around creativity.

● You’re exhausted with the old way of doing things. You need some support.

● You’re ready to invest a bit of money into this (research has shown that investing a bit of money in something makes us up to 20 times more likely to follow through with it!)

● You’re ready for an inclusive and supportive community that actually makes you feel good (no more doom scrolling on social media in search of your people). I have a zero tolerance policy for any type of racism, sexism, misogyny, ableism, ageism, and any intolerable —isms. This circle is not for you if you can’t adhere to that standard.

What's the investment?

Let’s talk money. The price for the entire 3-month gym membership for your creativity is $210. Just enough money to make it a bit uncomfortable (so you actually use it and finish your project!), yet reasonable enough to make it accessible. Here’s what comes with that $210 investment:

  • access to daily tips and strategies on our Discord server.
  • Daily Zoom “coffee shop hours” where we can gather and work together.
  • All ten classes and over 100 pages of worksheets.
  • Access to mini pop-up chart readings + tarot sessions

On the other hand, if you’re really craving a more personalized dive into your process, there’s another option. For $330, you’ll also be able to attend ten weekly workshop intensives with others in your session. We’ll go over our progress, discuss any snags you’ve hit, and personalize the astrology of the week to you so you can use that energy to succeed.

If that seems like a lot to pay up front, I get it, and I’ve got you. There are two payment options:

● Pay it in full upfront and never worry about it again.

● Pay it over the course of the circle in 3 installments. That comes to $70 per month (or $110 per month if you’re doing the deep dive). The first installment would be your deposit in August, then two more payments in September and October.

Bottom line

I know that it never seems like the right time to do this kind of thing. We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, recovering from worldwide economic fallout, and a climate crisis that’s here, now. We’re all exhausted and worn down and creating beautiful things seems like the least important thing right now. But it’s exactly why we need this circle.

We’re heading into an entire new era where each and every one of us will have to reckon with who we are the kind of art we want to put into the world. We’re at the ground level of reconstruction. So let’s do it in an aligned, supported, healthy way.

Like our symbol for this season, the birch tree, it’s time to move toward this tree’s ancient symbolism of purification and rebirth. It’s time to grow beneath the snow, even if no one else can see it just yet, so that come spring we can share ourselves with the world. 

Wild heart, 2022 offers us tons of opportunity to grow and change. There are astrological transits that are calling us to do the work of change so we can truly innovate. We’re at a crucial tipping point with the viability of our planet. Climate change, social and racial injustice, and if you’re in the US, rebuilding a country from the ground-up, are just the tip of the iceberg.

The world needs us.

It needs radical, gentle, fierce things so we can remember our humanity.

We need things that remind us that we belong to each other. We need things to remind each other that all of this heartbreak is worth it. We need to come home unto ourselves, finally, so that our planet can be the home it was always meant to be—for all of us.

How to join

  1. Choose from the dropdown below the amount you want to pay to reserve your spot (either $210 or $330 for the entire circle, or $70/$110 for your first payment.
  2. You’ll receive a confirmation email from me shortly after. Please note: You have up until one week after our start date, (until February 5th), to ask for a refund. After that point, your payment is non-refundable.

Unearthed Winter 2022 Membership Options

With the deepest love and gratitude, Andrea